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Thanks for dialing up, or tuning in, or loading onto THE BUTTPOD.  We hope you enjoy the podcast, and help spread the word about our seemingly insignificant, yet globally important show.  If you have any thoughts, notes, or suggestions for the show, or if you want to contribute a bit of info to our "MORE SMARTER" segment, feel free to email us at

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Thanks again!  

- Brent

Jul 9, 2017

Hilarious comedian and writer ERICA SIGURDSON drops by Sparrow Media Towers to chat with Brent about sleeping in a tree, disarming a border guard, and performing stand-up during rocket attacks in Afghanistan.  You know... typical everyday stuff we can all relate to.  ENJOY!!!

Jul 3, 2017

Comedian and personable fellow, Ivan Decker, parks his carcass across the table from Brent to discuss dinosaurs, superheroes, and getting literally, actually booed offstage.  THE JOYS OF SHOWBIZ!!!  Please enjoy.